Advantages glass roof


Take maximal advantage of natural light, the sunrays in springtime or stars at night in maximal privacy.

Acoustic insulation

Betters the insultation of external noise so you can enjoy every day in your house.

Energy saving

Natural sunlight increases climatization of your home saving money every month. In summer and winter.

Value increase

Increases the elegance of your home and highlight the uniqueness of your terrace. Giving an extra value.

We’ll help you

Types of glass roofs

Pending on its mobility we have the option of fixed or mobile roofs. Either its opening or closing our roof. According to your needs! All types of colours and dimensions. Available with different extra functions (sound, LED lights…) Add other products like glass curtains.

Mobile roofs

They can be manual or automatic. Since they are movable it’s easy to clean them and it’s possible to have the terrace or attic completely open.

Fix roofs

Less complex structures. Suitable for all types of spaces. Allows the sunlight to come in.