Awning installation

We have a great selection of awning so you can choose according to your needs and taste. The design you deserve.

Maintance of the awning.

We repair and maintain your awning. Our experts will take care!

Canvas cover substitucion

Your awning cover is damaged? Do not worry, we’ll produce and install a new one!

Awning dealer

Make you order and we will deliver the awning you need.

Our Awnings

Retractable Awning

Protects your terrace and balcony. With articulated arm to extend/retract the canopy.

Adapts to the facade. Can be automatic or manual. With extras (Lightening, noise insulation)

Sliding awning

Perfect for terraces, garden, courtyard, pools, restaurants, and stores. Anchored at the soil with guides, between walls or with doors and longeron. Manually, motorized, or automatic.

Drop-arm awning

Effective covering sunlight. Protection against UV and wind resistant. With protective box and strainer. Straight or curved.

Awning Epica

Box with extendable arm and a simple but elegant design. 410cm extended. Available with extras like light kit and terminal box.

Lateral awning.

Reduces the temperature in your home and gives privacy. Manual or automatic, it’s your decision. Available in different versions: With panorama windows or sewed with rails or without them, or without windows or rails.

Drop arm awning

Adapts to the roof or wall. Anchorage is secured to railings to provide more privacy. Offered with complete or half box for its protection.

Box awning Maximus

Awning of huge dimensions with a box made of aluminium and reinforced arms to extend the tarpaulin.

Awning Monoblock

Extendible with springs tightened arms to extend it to the length you want.

Basket awning

Perfect for windows of flats and to be protected in any angle from the sun.


With adjustable aluminium profile to cover doors of parcels. Also available as curtain with grommets.

Replacement of the tarpaulin

Great number of colours and styles for your awning. Is the tarpaulin damaged or loosing its colour don’t hesitate to change it.

Time to cover the sun!

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